"My kids love this book! They can't put it down! Ponder is their best Pal!"


"Great story beautiful illustrations my grandchildren asked to read it over and over again!"


"What a fantastic book! The illustrations are wonderful and I love that it is narrated! After reading the book, my 3 year old said, "That was a great story about "Ponder." Can we read it again?" (You will be saying it, too!)"



The Ponder the Possum Collection includes 6 beautifully illustrated children's books that follow Ponder, a possum, with interactive click-to-play narration to assist early readers as well as music and sound effects to enable readers to experience Ponder's world along with him.

This collection is offered at a great discounted price!


Join Ponder, a possum, on his adventures through his nighttime world as he listens to the sounds of the other nocturnal animals before heading to sleep as the day begins. 

Ponder is out exploring again!  This time he takes us into a snowy land to experience the unique changes of the animals and environment during the winter season.

Looking up at the stars with great curiosity, Ponder builds a rocket and sores into the depth of his imagination as he takes us on an outer space adventure!

Ponder wanders out of the woods and into a town created by humans.  He decides to play a Sherlock Holmes type detective to uncover the mysteries of the objects used by people in their everyday lives!
Take to the sky along side Ponder in a hot air ballon ride to get an overhead view of famous lands and monuments!  Visit Mount Rushmore, The Statue of Liberty, The Grand Canyon, and many more!
Discover the beauty of music through Ponder's eyes when he enters a wonderful land of sound!  Ponder experiences for the first time, these interesting instruments and the effects they each have on the listener, gaining appreciation and inspiration that will last the rest of his days.

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